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COVID Waiver Reminder
Published on: 1/19/2021
Remember! Waivers MUST be completed before 8:00 AM the day your athlete skis. Please complete only within 18 hours of that. So, too early (a day or two before) won't work!
Masking 101
Published on: 1/6/2021
How to properly wear a mask during training.
COVID-19 Season Modifications
Here is a list of general modifications for the ski season.
COVID-19 Season Protocols
To mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 and meet all of the requirements of our governing organizations, the following protocols will be followed this season...
COVID-19 The Big three
In order to maximize safety, the combination of frequent hand washing, continuous masking, physical distancing and training within cohorts will be utilized by GKHAT.
COVID-19 Prepare For Your Ski Day
Steps to execute before heading to the hill for a day with GKHAT.
COVID-19 Structure Of The Day
Here's an outline of a typical day with GKHAT... during COVID!
COVID-19 Additional Procedures
Here are other important COVID-19 changes...
⭐ COVID and the Ski Season ⭐
Published on: 12/21/2020
VERY Important updates regarding COVID, Skiing, and GKHAT.


GKHAT Sponsorship
If you know of any businesses that would like to see their brand promoted...


GKHAT App for Android and Apple
Published on: 8/1/2020
Along with the new website, there is now an APP for Apple and Google devices that allow you to connect to the platform we are using for the website.
Is Your Spouse or Partner Not Receiving GKHAT Emails?
Published on: 8/1/2020
If your spouse/partner is not receiving email communications from GKHAT, it is likely that you have something set up wrong, or that your spouse/partner just does not have an account! Check this article out.


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