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GKHAT App for Android and Apple

 | Published on 8/1/2020

Along with the new website, there is now an APP for Apple and Google devices that allow you to connect to the platform we are using for the website. What does this mean for you?

Well, sure, you can still do registration and event sign up via the website as well as within the app. The big improvements that we hope the app brings is to provide parents and the club with an improved way of arranging shared rides for away races, meeting up to socialize, receiving quick feedback on club issues, and making it easier for different age groups and focuses (Minis vs Performance vs Development) to communicate. We also hope that coaches and parents will be able to leverage this to improve communication. You know, if you get stuck at the train, you’d be able to quickly tell your group!

Now… this is all pretty new, so I’d like to ensure that we moderate your expectations by saying that all of the above can be accomplished… in theory! It is going to take time to figure this out.

In the meantime, do take the time to get the app and play with it.

Suddenly you have a question… Why is there a charge for the app? Well… Apple and Google don’t give anything away! So either the club incurs the cost and we add it into fees, or we pass it on. Given that we’re still not 100% sure on this, we decided that it is not yet a “must have”. Though we’re sure hoping that it’ll become that!

Some interesting features in addition to the standard stuff you see on the web are:
  • Chats
    • Chat will allow you to discuss things amongst the group in the channel.
    • We will need to determine what are the channels that work for everyone. Perhaps there will be a channel for each coach? Let us know of any suggestions you have.
  • Meets
    • This feature allows you to make your location visible for a while. Say, show people where I am for the next hour. This could be great when we go to away races to make it easier to meet up for socials or to locate everyone.
  • Polls
    • From time-to-time, we’re always wondering what your opinions are on small things. A poll allows us to post a one question ‘survey’ to the website and its available on your phone.
  • Channels
    • Channels are a way to group the above means of communications. Be sure to set the channels that are relevant to you. You can also opt in or out as you see fit.
    • You are by default added to a number of ‘channels’. You can opt-out of by editing the chat channels in your profile. Check under Mobile App->Channel Membership.

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