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Date: 1/12/2020
Subject: GKHAT Sunday Brief (Jan 12)

The Sunday Brief
Hi GKHAT Families...
The goal of the Sunday brief is to... well... be brief. Unfortunately, this one is a bit lengthy. Part of the reason is simply that we're not getting the action on the items that we'd like. So the messages are being repeated. Of course, we couldn't help the Cookie Cup! However, the parking issue, tail-gunning for the kids, and help for the equipment drop off have been in this brief for a while. So please, read the whole communicate, and step up to help where you can. If you have suggestions or feedback for this communication, please send it in to us. We'd love to get that feedback!

5 Minute Parking and GKHAT Athlete Drop Off/Pick Up
Families, we continue to have issues with parents abusing short-term parking privileges in the bus loop near the GKHAT yurt. Please remember that the bus loop in front of the day lodge and GKHAT yurt is for 5 minute skier unloading and loading only. Please unload/load your athletes and equipment quickly so other can do the same. If you are leaving your vehicle and coming to the yurt or have other business at the resort, please park in one of the main parking lots. Another great option for drop off is using the upper parking lot and having your athletes ski down to the yurt. If you are waiting for your athletes at the end of the day, please park in the main lot across the road until your athletes are ready to load.

Please be aware that there are only two Drop off/Pick Up parking spots in front of the yurt. The majority of the parking spots in front of the Discovery Real Estate office are designated for bus, tour company and staff parking. DO NOT park in the bus loop (in front of the No Parking signs) to unload/load your athlete. Arriving early (8:30 AM) will allow for plenty of time to get your athlete ready. We do not want to abuse the short term parking spots. Thank you in advance for your cooperation which will help keep our relationship with KHMR a positive one.

IMPORTANT: Mini GKHAT Tail-gunning
If you have a skier in our U8 or Mini GKHAT program, please visit the Tailgunning Volunteer Sign Up. In an effort to maximize safety and efficiency of training days, we are asking the parents of our minis and first year U8's to do some volunteer tail gunning with their child's group. Thank you in advance for helping us make the most of your child's training day!
Sign up here.

Our mini skiers are also participating in our upcoming Cookie Cup on Sunday January 12. If your athlete skis in the Saturday or Sunday morning session, please arrive ready to ski for 9 am. If your mini skis in the Saturday or Sunday afternoon session, please arrive ready to ski for 12 noon.
IMPORTANT: Training Equipment Drop Volunteering

We could REALLY use your help here! Our coaches need a little help moving equipment on Fri/Sat/Sun training days. We are looking for an extra set of hands to assist Bill in the set-up/tear down of our training courses on regular training days. Please visit the sign up to help deliver equipment/gates to our training environments at the start of the day and back to the yurt at the end of the day. (One run to start the day and one run to end the GKHAT day). If everyone can help for ONE training day this season it would be a great help to our coaches.
Sign up here. If you have questions, please email Ryan at
Cookie Cup - GKHAT Race - Rescheduled
Ok folks... we are rescheduling the Cookie Cup event for January 26. Same plan as original! Let's cross out fingers that the weather works out better. 🤞
The information below is from the previous communications about the event.
If you have already signed up and you need to adjust your athlete attendance or your volunteering, please be sure to edit your sign up on the Sign Up Genius website. Original links are below.
The Cookie Cup will take place for ALL ATHLETES (including mini) on Sunday January 26 and will consist of four team events: snow starts skills, a speed trap, a dual slalom and a mini ski cross (all running on Catamount starting near the top of Wolverine, under the chair). There will be more specifics & details about the events and race day groups in the week leading up to the 26th.

At this time, to finalize the organization of the day we need you to please visit this link and do the following by Monday January 6th:
(1) Indicate whether or not your athlete will be participating in the event.
You will enter athlete name(s) after hitting “submit”. You can enter multiple athlete names in the same blank.
(2) Indicate where you can volunteer and help us run a fabulous and fun event for our athletes.
Please use this link to register and volunteer.
If you have an athelete in Mini GKHAT, please sign up here for tail-gunning.

**Your child will not be placed on a team or with a coach unless you confirm their participation on this link.
Please remember that GKHAT is a race club and our club events run solely on the efforts of our families as volunteers. We cannot run any events for our athletes without the help of our parents. Thank you for doing your part to make this a great club experience for your child and all of our athletes.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this event has ALL of our athletes participating on the same day, race day groups will look different than regular training day groups. Please prepare your athlete for this change. Race day groups can be found here.
Away Race Accommodation
Red Mountain Zone race Jan 17-18 2020
Red Mountain, Prestige Inn Rossland
Call 1-250-362-7375
Some single room suites are still available under the GKHAT reservation at Trickle Creek Resort.
Call 1-877-282-1200 and reserve ASAP as these will be released this week.
Call 1-250-423-5000
These are available until Jan 20.

Fun Nancy Greene Races
These Nancy Greene races are aimed at U12 and younger with a focus on fun and setting a base for kids to get into the competition. There are typically fun events like dual slalom, speed trap, and jumps for kids of all ages and attitudes to enjoy. Be sure to sign in to register.
  • February 1-2 is a Nancy Greene race in Kimberley. This a fun event for U12 and youger. Register here.
  • February 22-23 is a Nancy Greene race that we are hosting in Golden. Register here.
Event Reminder - Jan/Feb Races
These races are aimed at U12 and older with a competition and placement. Things start getting serious at these events! Don't worry! It's also fun. Remember to sign in to register for the events!
Is Your Spouse/Partner Not Getting Communications?
A number of members have asked to how to get their spouse/partner to receive communications. To fix this, be sure that the member that originally created the account is available to log in and fix this. There are typically two issues here. One is, the spouse/partner was not added as part of the family when originally registering. The second is that an email was not provided.
For details on how to correct these issues, check out the FAQ area. Look under "New Website & Registration" and then read the article "How do I manage my spouse/children accounts?"


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