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GKHAT Registration for 2020 done?
Now that you’ve signed up for the ski season, there are few book keeping items to take care of.
  • Next up, BC Alpine waivers. To complete your waiver, go to and click on “Member Login”. (It’s located in the center left of the page.)
  • When you sign the waiver, be sure to complete it for yourself (the primary parent) and all the athletes.
  • If you encounter any problems, please email for assistance.

New Android and Apple App

 Look on iTune and Google play to download the GKHAT app. Just search for GKHAT. For more details, read the news here.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Auction start delayed to Saturday, November 23

As you are aware, GKHAT is preparing for our annual online fundraising auction. The auction is our primary fundraising opportunity for the club. After this, there are no bottle drives, no tickets to sell, no baked goods to sell…. this is it. Our board members have or will be applying for additional outside funding, which is always hit and miss, and we do receive donations from some of our generous club sponsors. However, as a club effort, as I said, this is it.

The reason we need to raise funds is simple, to supports our club. GKHAT is the largest winter youth sports program in the Golden area, and we are the fifth largest alpine ski club in British Columbia. Our registration fees just cover our coach wages, WCB, liability insurance, and BC Alpine fees. The money we raise from the auction goes to keeping our kids warm in the yurt, our kids safe on the hill, and supports our low-income and special needs programs, as well as professional development for coaches.

Unfortunately, we aren’t ready to launch the auction. We are deferring the start of the auction to Saturday, November 23. So far, only a little over half of our families have acquired items or have donated money for the auction. Currently, we only have just over 90 items in the auction. In the past, we have had up 196 items and have raised over $18,000. To the families and businesses that have donated auction items or money in lieu of, I want to thank you – your contribution is much appreciated.

To ensure we reach a target of at least $15,000 we require more items for the auction. I along with our fundraising director Sarah Short and Tracy Van Zalingen, have been actively canvassing local business for more items…. our favourite restaurants, our favourite clothing stores, where we buy our tires, where we buy a coffee, our employers, you name it – we are asking for a donation for the auction. Please join us for over the next week to get the number of auction items up, so we do not need to undertake another fundraising event this year. We will be extending our intake of auction items to November 22.

Doug Adama
Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team

Auction items due November 22

  • Be sure to complete this online form for each item that you provide.
  • To arrange drop off of your donation in Calgary, contact Tracy Van Zalingen at
  • Golden donations can be dropped off with Kim Bernasconi at Mountain Motor Sports or to Sarah Short at
Should you need a letter to get sponsorship or a donation, please first check in the auction documentation area.

GKHAT Checklist

With ski season coming up on us REAL fast, you’ll find that there is an increase in communications. It’s a real challenge to get members informed while trying not to over do it. So it is with that in mind that this checklist is present. Be sure to check for important communications and for the latest of this checklist. Much of this is also present on the GKHAT calendar. Download the GKHAT phone app to help stay on top of all this!

Here are the important things that need to be done and dates, if applicable:


November GKHAT Chat

We’re sending out the November newsletter. If you don’t receive it, feel free to check it out on our website Here’s a direct link to it.

In this issue, we cover:

  • GKHAT Checklist
  • GKHAT Auction
  • Pre Season Training
  • BC Alpine Waivers
  • Yurt Cleaning
  • Lake Louise World Cup Social
  • Ski gear swap
  • Flapjack Fundraiser
  • Zero waste lunch policy
  • 2020 Race Schedule
  • Ski Tuning
  • GKHAT Auction Q and A
  • GKHAT App for iPhone and Android
  • Registration Numbers
  • Yurt Survey 


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