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End of Season Awards & Survey

Hello GKHAT families,

We hope you and your family are doing well. Although it has been sometime since the season ended abruptly in mid-March, we would like to thank you and you athlete(s) for helping make the past-season a successful one. We would especially like to thank those parents in particular who volunteered at one or more of our events/races and supported our season.

For newcomers last season, the club holds a banquet and awards ceremony immediately after our year-end skitacular event, our last event of the season. Although we were denied these super fun events, Coach Sarah Recoskie has been dropping off or mailing out a gift for each athlete. Awards for the season went out as follows:

Most improved athletes by age group. 
  Solene Zawadzki and Charlie Madill
Lorelei Sovio and Jordan Maerov
Zoe Zawadzki and Taylan Lafleur
Asher Stolz and Lea Brindle
John Templeton and Evelyn Hunter

The Peter Bowl Evans Award, which goes to an athlete who shows great spirit throughout the season, was awarded to Presley Cadrin.
Congratulations to these athletes.

On March 15th, the GKHAT AGM was held in the yurt, and despite the circumstances, it was very successful. The board welcomes four new members: Helen Page, Chad Willox, Anna Cholo, and Sue McRoberts. As of May 1st (the start of our next fiscal year), the composition of the board will be as follows:
Vice President
Registrar and IT Director
Race Director
Director of Equipment & Infrastructure
Volunteer Coordinator & Parent Liaison
Safety Director
Director at Large
  Doug Adama
Chad Willox
Jill Cunes
Helen Page
Ed Van Wieren
Tracy van Zalingen
Mike Burns
Rhonda Laurell
Sarah Short
Sue McRoberts
Christoph Loesch
Anna Cholo

Draft meeting minutes and a summary presentation are available on the website here (please login for access). One exciting piece of news that we received during the AGM was that the club was successful in acquiring funds from the Columbia Basin Trust to construct a larger and permanent Ski Course Course. Construction will occur this summer, and the course should be in place for next season.

Finally, over the past several years, we have concluded our season with an online survey that assists the GKHAT board in making adjustments to our programs and in providing constructive feedback to the coaching staff. While we can't promise action on all the feedback we receive, do know that we review the results and comments thoroughly (including your suggestions and constructive criticisms), discuss it with the board, and act on it appropriately. 

 End of Season Survey

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask by emailing us.

The GKHAT Board

PS. Following the AGM, we, unfortunately, had to cancel our spring ski camps, and we have been issuing refunds. If we somehow missed you, please contact us for a refund (

202004 Awards


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