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COVID Waiver MUST be completed each day
between 6 pm the day before training until 8 am the day of training.

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Please be sure to read this article before signing up. It is important that the adult in the family that is the primary contact register first. After that person has registered, that individual can then add a partner/spouse and their athletes. 
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Complete for each day of training between 6 pm the day before and 8 am the day of training.
 Complete Waiver 
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Incident Report
Complete for each day of training between 6 pm the day before and 8 am the day of training.
 COVID Waiver



Available Board Positions 

We are anticipating several board positions will be vacant at the end of this season. This is a great way to get to know new families at GKHAT and participate in your child’s ski team. We are a welcoming team, and have a place for anyone who is interested in participating. No experience with ski racing or previous board membership is necessary.

While all board positions are up for re-election annually, anticipated vacancies will be: 

  • Member(s) At Large 

  • President

  • Vice President 

  • IT/Registrar shadowing position with view to learn this position 

Please email if you are interested in joining the board or would like more information about positions.


AGM 2021 

GKHAT’s AGM is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 4:00 PM .

This year’s AGM will be held virtually so anyone can attend. Mark this your calendars!

Or better still, RSVP using this link. Then you receive a reminder!



MacKenzie Top Peak Challenge

Join GKHAT for this virtual challenge which gives us the opportunity to earn $50,000 in prize money for our ski community!

Here’s how: 

This is your peak hashtag: #TopPeakKickingHorse

Every time you include it when making a public Twitter or Instagram post, you earn 5 points—it’s that simple. Find the nearest social media expert in your vicinity (especially if that’s you), ensure your posts are public, and test it out by completing a Peak Challenge.

The first Peak Challenge is to post a video of your best Slalom Shimmy!


Complete a Peak Challenge and use your hashtag*

5 points

Rally your community members on social media using your hashtag*

5 points

Vote cast for your Peak Profile

1 point

*Total hashtag use across all platforms is limited to 3 posts, per person, per day.




Head over to your peak profile and hit “VOTE”. Share your team link with your friends and family and ask them to do the same. Every vote is 1 point for your team.

This is our team link.


Follow Mackenzie

Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter so you don’t miss out.

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RCR Season Passes and Waivers
RCR Season Passes and Waivers

GKHAT recommends that you connect with RCR to process your season pass quickly. Be sure to complete the RCR waivers.

This is particularly important for families that would like to take advantage of Nakiska, as your season pass will work there until Kicking Horse opens up.

If you have not yet received an email from RCR regarding your pass and waivers, be sure to contact them.

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BC Alpine Waivers
BC Alpine Waivers

Once you have registered, BC Alpine waivers need to be completed for all skiers in your family. To complete your waiver, go to and click on “Member Login”. It’s located in the center left of the page. When you sign the waiver, be sure to complete it for yourself and all the athletes. In this case “yourself” is the primary parent that you assigned the parent insurance to. If you encounter any problems, please email to get help. These must be done before your child can ski!

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COVID-19 Additional Procedures
COVID-19 Additional Procedures
  • New Cold Weather Policy: As we will be severely limiting indoor time, even for warming up on cold days, we have revised the cold weather policy. Programs will not run if the temperature is -15c or colder for the duration of a training day. Decisions to run or cancel training will be made by 8 AM on program days and based on the projected forecast for the day. Starts may be delayed if temperatures are forecasted to warm up significantly in the early part of the day. It is unlikely athletes will be spending time indoors, so please ensure they are prepared for the weather with proper clothing and an extra set of hand-warmers.
  • Yurt use: The yurt will be off-limits for athletes and families this year. Coaches may use the yurt to access coaching supplies, first aid equipment, gates or paperwork. Coaches must be masked in the yurt and remain physically distanced with a maximum of three people in the yurt at once. Coaches must wash hands before and after using the yurt. It will not be used for eating.
  • Athletes requiring assistance: If an athlete becomes ill, is injured or otherwise requires assistance, coaches may be required to break physical distancing rules. These unexpected events will occur and highlight the need for high adherence to our other safety measures: continuous masking and hand hygiene.
  • Following the rules: Rules regarding physical distancing, mask use and hand hygiene are the safety pillars of our season in 2021. It is essential that all athletes are 100% compliant to these rules and follow their coaches’ reminders. Athletes will get reminders and then warnings. If repeated warnings are required, athletes will be asked to leave the program for the day.
  • Exposure: If a GKHAT member tests positive for COVID or is close contact with some testing positive, club protocol regarding possible exposures will be enacted (see detailed GKHAT return to sport protocols).
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Masking 101
Masking 101

1. Nonmedical 2-layer mask

2. Buff with built in mask/filter component as distributed by GKHAT

3. Single layer buff alone

4. Improper coverage of nose

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COVID-19 Season Modifications
COVID-19 Season Modifications
  • The GKHAT program for our Minis and U6’s (all 4 and 5-year-olds) will be modified to half-day programs for 2021 to mitigate issues regarding shelter. We certainly do not want the little ones to get too cold!
  • The GKHAT training day this season will run without a lunch hour and end at 13:30 for all U8/10/12/14 skiers. The yurt will not be used as a drop off/pick up point this season. Pick up points will be the same as drop off points for all groups (all outlined below).
  • U6, U8 and U10 athletes will be grouped based on community cohorts for 2021. Most Golden athletes will train on Fridays and Sundays, while the U6/8/10 groups for our Alberta athletes will all train on Saturdays. U6/8/10 groups will not mix and will remain in the same cohort for the entire season. Athletes will not move between or change groups.
  • The Yurt will be off-limits to all athletes and members. No equipment is to be left or stored at the yurt.
  • Athletes with the following symptoms are asked not to participate in skiing. See forthcoming detailed return to sport protocols for more information regarding management of symptoms & decisions to ski:
  • Fever, chills, cough or worsening of chronic cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
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COVID-19 Season Protocols
COVID-19 Season Protocols

To mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 and meet all of the requirements of our governing organizations, the following protocols will be followed this season:

  1. Families are required to fill out a COVID waiver for their skiers before the start of each training day. This daily health check must be filled out between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM before every training session, race or event. Compliance on waiver completion is essential. Athletes arriving without a completed waiver will not be permitted to ski with their group. Be sure to login and check the landing page at the GKHAT website. Please see the GKHAT webpage for the form here.
  2. If you or someone in your household is sick with any symptoms, we ask that you please stay home. If your athlete is sick with any of the symptoms listed in the above section, they will not be permitted to ski. 
  3. If a skier has been in close contact with anyone who has been sick, is a confirmed case of COVID-19, has been ordered to isolate by public health, or has travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, they will not be permitted to join their ski group.
  4. Limit your travel as much as possible. If you travel from outside of Golden, we ask that you travel home to home, without stops in Golden and limit your risk of exposure by adhering to Provincial guidelines and restrictions.
  5. We ask that everyone participating in GKHAT limit ski hill visits to KHMR (your home hill) and not travel to other ski resorts. 
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COVID-19 The Big three
COVID-19 The Big three

Physical Distancing, Hand Hygiene and Masking

In order to maximize safety, the combination of frequent hand washing, continuous masking, physical distancing and training within cohorts will be utilized by GKHAT.

  1. Masks are mandatory. Athletes are required to wear masks throughout the day unless they are eating or drinking. Acceptable masks include: nonmedical 2-3 layer cloth masks or a buff with built in filtered mask component. Single layer buffs are not considered an acceptable mask. Skiers may wear an additional layer such as a buff over top of their mask. GKHAT will provide all skiers with an acceptable filtered mask for use while skiing. We recommend you consider having at least two per child, as they become wet during the ski day and may need to be changed.
  2. Athletes and coaches must practice physical distancing of 3m throughout the day while on the ski hill, with lift use being the only exception.
  3. Athletes must follow proper hand hygiene before arriving for training, before and after eating, and anytime their mask is adjusted. All athletes must carry a small container of hand sanitizer in their pocket.
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COVID-19 Prepare For Your Ski Day
COVID-19 Prepare For Your Ski Day
  1. Assess your child’s health and complete the health check waiver before 8:00 AM on each training day. Please keep your skier home if they feel unwell or show signs of illness. Skiers without completed waivers will not be permitted to ski.
  2. Please arrive with your skiers ready to ski. Gear up at your vehicle/home, and leave all extra gear in your car.
  3. Due to limited access to indoor spaces, athletes need to plan to be self-reliant. Athletes should arrive with water/snacks, 2-3 extra buffs/face coverings, extra mitts, hand warmers and hand sanitizer in a small backpack.
  4. Skiers must come prepared with food and gear. No sharing between athletes is permitted.
  5. Due to lack of indoor/warmup spaces, it is strongly recommended for all skiers to have hand and foot warmers for every ski day.
  6. Parents must be on-hill and within cell-service. Should an athlete have any health concerns during the day, parents must be available for swift pick up. If a group has to wait for an extended period (15 minutes or more) for a parent to pick up their athlete, they will be charged $100 per hour for any portion thereof.
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COVID-19 Structure Of The Day
COVID-19 Structure Of The Day
  1. Start times and meet-up points for the season will be as follows... Be aware that we are staggering them in order to keep groups small. Younger children also typically take longer to gather and get ready.
  • U12/14 at Catamount Chair at 8:30 am
  • U10 at Pioneer Chair at 9:00 am
  • U8 at Catamount Chair at 9:30 am
  • U6 at Catamount Chair at 9:00 am (morning) or 12:30 (afternoon)
  1. Pick up and Drop off procedures: Athletes and families are requested to continue to respect the principles of physical distancing (2m) and continuous mask wear during these times. Please do not congregate in groups at pick up and drop off times.
  2. Eating during the program: Skiers will not have a scheduled lunch break. The ski day will end early (1:30 PM for U8 and up) to allow athletes to eat a late lunch with their families. U6 sessions are 3 hours in duration. Athletes are asked to carry a small day pack with significant snacks, beverages and spare warm gear. Snack breaks will occur outdoors at the coach’s discretion while maintaining physical distancing and hand hygiene before and after eating. Masks can be removed at these times. Skiers are asked not to eat on lifts while they are not physically distanced from others.
  3. Skiing this season will initially be conducted with chairlift access. Safe and timely access to the gondola will be assessed as the season progresses.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Recent Articles
Recent Articles
GKHAT Checklist
You can find a packing list for away races following this link. Some members laminate the list.
NOTE: Please do be aware that due to COVID, all races are subject to change.

Here are the important things that need to be done and dates, if applicable:

    Zone races for U12 and older:

      Zone races for U12 and older:

      Spring Ski Camps

      Away Race Accomodation


       Android and Apple App

      Look on iTune and Google play to download the GKHAT app. Just search for GKHAT. For more details, read the news here.


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