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As you are likely aware, RCR recently announced that KHMR is closed for the coming week to promote social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this means Spring Camp 1 scheduled for March 18-20 must be cancelled.

The board is also cancelling the second Spring Camp scheduled for March 24-27 to avoid gatherings to reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19, as per the direction of the federal and provincial governments. Unless otherwise directed, we will be refunding Spring Camp registration fees.

Thank you for your support while we try to make the best possible decisions for our athletes and coaches.
The GKHAT board.


GKHAT Checklist
You can find a packing list for away races following this link. Some members laminate the list.

Here are the important things that need to be done and dates, if applicable: 

Zone races for U12 and older:

Spring Ski Camps
While you do still have time, keep in mind that GKHAT has two spring break ski camps.

Away Race Accomodation
Revelstoke NG festival Saturday March 7-8 2020
Group accommodation is available at the Monashee Lodge under GKHAT.
If you plan to attend the race and stay overnight, please call (250) 814-2553 to reserve a room.


 Android and Apple App

Look on iTune and Google play to download the GKHAT app. Just search for GKHAT. For more details, read the news here.


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